45 degrees- foggy and moist from a little over night rain.
9 PAX posted to mentally push themselves this morning. Bubblicious, Boucher, Jay-Z, CrabbyPO, Ariel, Toomah, Shnuka, Shamu, Daisy-QIC
Warm up-
Batwing- 20IC
Sprinkler- 15IC
Grass pickers- 15IC
Willie Mays Hayes
Stretch anything that is still tight OYO
Mosey with Blocks to happy place
Leg blaster
Mosey to stairs
Thang: Modified Escalating 4-corners
Leave blocks at corner 3 (top of stairs) start at caddie corner base nearest tennis courts
At each corner perform an exercise. Each round you are on will correspond with the number of reps per exercise.
Corner 1- dips
Corner 2- Peter Parker peter
Corner 3- skull crusher- carry block down the stairs
Corner 4- squats with block- carry block back up stairs, leave at corner 3 and return back to corner 1. Rinse and repeat increasing reps.
Mosey to happy place for Mary
All with blocks
Freddie Mercury- 20IC
Hello dolly- 20IC
Side plank- 30sec
Other side plank- 30 sec
Pickle pointers- 10IC
9 pax showed up- most fighting or recovering from some sort of winter break cold- for a workout designed that each man could take at their own pace with the hopes that they would push themselves yet still be around to encourage each other. Lots of chatter today heard pushing each other. Ariel made the comment that this might have been the toughest one he had been to- as he set the pace with 11 laps. 10/9 seemed to be the number most pax finished with. Jay-Z made it official that he is out of shape. YHC and Jay-Z were excited to meet Bubblicious- nicknamed Bubbles- the name alone brought smiles immediately. Circle of trust we shared some resolutions for the year. Several included kindness and empathy and encouragement of others. A few included diet- which on Monday- YHC will have some dietary suggestions and plans for those interested. And all want to improve on where they ended last year. So I as a group- May I suggest these three resolutions: 1) We work hard at “You vs You” and continue to win that battle; 2) we encourage each other in our battles and struggles (I plan on using Maestro’s page regularly) and 3) we continue to spread the word of F3 and add to our numbers this year. Great start to the year so far. Scale will be showing up Monday so we can set some goals for those that want. Look forward to seeing more post on Monday!

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