Weather:  Upper 20’s and calm

19 PAX posted the Hill:  Beefsteak, Kindergarten Cop, Snooki, PVC, Bumblebee, Zamboni, Snaphook, State, Khaki, Maize, Streaker, Optimus, Bueller, Cosmo, Cornwallis, Logger, Nomad, Headlock, Motorboat

Disclaimer:  Not an expert, modify as needed.  F3, North View Church, and I are not responsible.

Warm Up:  SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Sun Gods, Mountain Climbers, Weedpickers

Line up:  Grizzlies out, Grizzlies back

The Thang: Partner up

Round 1: P1 runs out Merkins 20x, P2 Rock Curls (200 collective)

Round 2: P1 runs out, Plank Jacks 20x, P2 Rock Squats (200 collective)

Round 3: P1 runs out, Flutters 20x, P2 Burpees (100 collective)

Mosie to Stairs:  Calf Raises x30

Mosie to Mary

Mary:  J Lows, Cindy Crawfords, Low Dolly, Rosalitas, LBCs

Recover Recover

Moleskin:  Slight mubblechatter in the beginning which went to nothing once the beat down commenced.  Awesome performance by all PAX.  Thanks for the privilege to workout with you all.

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