Crisp and windy 28 degrees felt significantly colder. 14 PAX, Warner, CrabbyPO, Jay-Z, Piper, Snuka, Toomah, Slit, Humdinger, Shamu, Bubblicious, Patches, Boucher, Pew Pew, QIC Maestro. 


5 Burpees on your own quick

LBACs – Forward and Backward IC x15

Arm Stretch Front

Nipple Tweekers IC x15

Cherry Picker to the front IC x15

Arm stretches over the top

MNCs IC x15

Leg/butt stretch 

Mosey to the intersection at the bottom of the Maestro lap

Bear crawl/Plank Log Indian Run (crawl) from the bottom of the hill to the HP

Febreze – 2:10 through 10:50 

(Big Boys:Air Presses in a V sit)

Jack Webbs – 1:4 through 10:40 

(Merkins:Air Presses)

Mosey to the shelter

Dips and Dirty Hookups 20:10 x3

Dips and Mike Tysons (decline position) 10:5 x2

Dips and Burpees 20:10 x1


Dying Cochroach

V sit heal touches 


Moleskin:  music to my ears that someone screamed, “what time is it!!” When the last round of Dips was announced. Tried to smoke the arms this morning. A shout out to Warner who demonstrates the not so easy task of modifying 101 ways. 

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