The Grizzly

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Cosmo, Zamboni, Effin, DC

Disclaimer given

Mosey around the bathrooms a couple laps just in case someone arrived last minute.

Headed to the Shelter to escape the rain
Thunderstruck Burpees (33 times)
Step-Ups x 20 each leg

Modified Chelsea-
5 Dips, 10 Mericans, 15 Squats (EMOM for 14 minutes) =75 Dips, 140 Mericans, 210 Squats

Bench the Bench with partner-> modified to doing it solo on one end.

Mosey to basketball Court- Lunge walk half way, then duck walk second half. Repeato

Jack Webb’s up to 10= 55 Mericans and 55 air presses

Partner Leg crunches x 20 each person
Yoga to until time

Recover Recover

-Light crowd this morning, but everyone worked really hard and had a good time. Anytime DC and Cosmo are together there are bound to be laughs and inappropriateness to keep up from noticing the pain.
-DC was called out on his squats by YHC and he turned to prove to me he was getting low. Still trying to get that image out of my head.
-Effin dropped the “F-bomb” a couple times…living up to his name
-It was nice to have the shelter this morning.
– 195 total merican’s this morning. Who needs cinderblocks! It has been a week full of merican’s…getting stronger each day
-It’s an honor to be with you men. Keep pushing me and each other to become better.


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