Weather: 35 and dry

Pax 4 Runners: Logger, Beefsteak, State, Term Paper (Downrange F3 Cary). 8 Ruckers: Motorboat, Khaki, Nomad, Wrigley, FNG-Clancy, Tulip, Zamboni, (Q)Snaphook

*disclaimer given

Runners set a great pace just under 9 minutes to Keystone and back, with instructions to perform running touchdown celebrations at each major intersection. Nothing over the top… no need for an unsportsmanlike penalty. Ruckers ventured out NW for 1.9 with a few exercises sprinkled in.

Squats 20 oyo (with nip laser form). props to motorboat for this eternal form mental image.

Batwings 10 count IC

Merkins 10 slo mo oyo

Modified Pullups 25 oyo

*Moleskin: Thanks for the strong support today, I was a bit nervous leading but it went really well. It was great having Term Paper in town from Cary NC. Wrigley challenged the Pax to intentionally pray for AND with your M, LOML, Fiancee, Girly Friend, Other… This was well received, and a reminder the Q needed. I appreciate you all, you have been very welcoming and supportive. 2 Months now- I’m down 7 lbs, stronger, eat better, sleep better, out drink water over other beverages…. etc.. More intentional to my M and family, you/we are all improving. I couldn’t do it (at least as well, and without as much fun) without you. Thank you

So pumped to welcome Clancy, he is a good man & I admire him. Keep at it Men! Keep getting better!

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