After a preblast without much info, 20 PAX posted to see what this Q had up his sleeve. It was explained that F3 Varsity workouts in the motherland are designed to be especially painful, for the PAX that don’t feel like they get enough from a regular beatdown. Disclaimer was given, modifications were emphasized, as well as letting someone know if you don’t feel good.

Warm Up

Mosey BS – PAX mosey until Q calls BS (burpee spin) and then head in opposite direction

The Thang

Strength Training: Everytime a PAX stops, Q yells STOP and all PAX mosey down hill and backwards uphill

Jump Squat Holds (JSx10, Al Gore x10, R&R @ 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1)

Motivator from 10

Mucho Chesto 

Werkins 10 ic

HR Merkins 10 ic 

Clerkins 10 ic

Lunge walk from light pole to light pole

Overhead claps x50 ic

Moroccan Nightclub x50 ic

Cherry Pickers x50 ic


Prison Burpees (Down, Back, Push, Up, mountain climbers x4, Push, Up, In, Up)

Split into two teams for races, losing team does 10 prison burpees at the pace of volunteer from winning team

Race #1: Burpo – all PAX in low squat, 1×1 drop into burpee and return to squat

Race #2: Low Plank Frogger aka Chilly Broad Jumps- all PAX in low plank 2-3 feet apart, 1st PAX leapfrogs to end of line and assumes low plank position, R&R until all PAX jump

Race #3: Bridge Crabs – PAX hold bridge while 1by1 crab walk to end of line 

Race #4: Gorilla Groomers – PAX do Gorilla Humpers as 1by1 PAX drop and do 5 groiners

Race #5: Grizzcalator – Merkin on each step as PAX crawls up the stairs 



JLO x10 ic

Plank Rotations x10 ic

AH Side Punches x25 ic

Recover x2


Seriously proud of everyone that posted. This is the first beatdown that tapped someone out (a good reminder to check on our brother if you haven’t already). T-CLAPS to anyone who hasn’t been working out with F3 very long…this was a snot woggle for sure. It was fun seeing everyone’s competitive side come out during the races – PAX were really pushing themselves! We kept moving, we got A LOT stronger and, chances are, we are going to feel this one tomorrow. Here’s to getting stronger in 2020.



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