Disclaimer – Explanation

Warm Up

SSH – 54 IC (53 and one to grow on)

Tin Soldier – 10 IC

Merkins – 10 IC

Pike up/Plank Jack – 10 IC

Al Gore/Global Warming – 2 Rounds

Mosey around the parking lot and bathrooms – over the Great Wall of Grizzly (new name)

The Thang

Wall Sits with front Moroccan Nightclub – 25 IC

Wall Sits  – 1 leg/each leg – 10 count

Balls to the Wall/Chicken Peckers – 3 levels, 10 reps IC

  LBCs in between elevation changes

Mosey to the curb

CurBurpees – Burpees with a curb jump – 10 IC

Slowsy to the other curb

3-Level Leg Lifts – 5 each level

3-Level Leg Splits – 5 each level

3-level Flutter Kicks – 5 each level

Circle up

Yoga Time

Beginning series to Crescent Pose

Downward Dog Calf Stretch



28 F Clear

PAX:  Cornwallis, DC, Zamboni, Bueller, Efin, Kitty, Double D, Snooki, Lego, Cosmo (Q)

10 PAX posted for a Cosmo Birthday Q/Impromptu Q School.  All PAX worked hard and received a good beat down and decent instructions on how to lead a Q.  Mumblechatter was ok….Q chooses to believe that PAX were instead contemplating the deep wisdom being delivered on the art of Q’ing F3 workouts.  B2Wall with Chicken Peckers drew that usual groans and the CurBupees were a fun addition.  108 SSH for warm up seemed to gather the most attention.

Awesome time gentlemen and great work at getting better.

Keep passing it on and sign up for those Qs…you will have all the help you need!

Always a privilege!


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