Friday, 17 January 2020

20° and breezy

10 pax posted: Jay-Z, Wapner, Maestro, Piper, CrabbyPo, Daisy, Stache, Boucher, Bubblicious, and Shamu QIC


Maestro Lap

SSH – IC 25 count, Hip/Back stretches, Batwing + Shoulder Blaster – IC 10 count (fac, bac, seal clap, overhead clap, bird flap thumb up, thumb down, alternate), OYO Arm Stretch, Hillbilly Squats – IC 10 Count, OYO Leg Stretch

Mosey to tennis courts


400m agility/sprint

Partner up, set 1, 25m each – left shuffle, right shuffle, high knee, backpedal, partner chop feet and drop down when partner hits the sidelines, 2, 100m sprint, partner does drop down at sidelines, flapjack, RR

Mosey to stairs

100 steps, 100 lunges

OYO – 10 lunges at bottom of stairs, run up 20 stairs, 10 lunges at top of stairs, run down, repeat till 100.

Mosey to playground

100s holds

5 – 100s hold exercises

V-sits, up dip position, low plank, dead hang, wall sit


LBC – IC 25 SC, 100s, flutter kicks – IC 25 count



It was brisk morning, everyone got moving and put in a lot of effort. 100s holds were a fun challenge. Always a pleasure gentlemen!

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