8 brave Pax posted. 36 degrees, steady rain, the wind was a bonus.

Warmup was skipped by Q, disclaimer was given.

We ruck’d Southwest for a 2.5 mile ruck with focused determination to reach the coffeehouse. Wooly Dutchman brought a FNG -(Plunger)

10 really SLO-Mo Merkins were enjoyed @ 1/2 way point. Light on the exercises in route today due to ponchos, layers, and well.. the steady nasty rain.

Conversation along the way seemed to drift to other destinations such as spring break, vacations, other rucks, races… The PAX possibly had desires of better weather. As Khaki (while wearing shorts) would later say “Snaphook, you have now Q’d in the worst weather of the decade”. I’ll hang on to that, for at least a few days. Appreciate all the Pax support and fellowship today despite the weather. Coffee shop for some F2 was the highlight of today’s adventure.



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