12 PAX posted in the 18°F gloom to recover from all of these beatdowns now that we are 6x/week in Indy. Disclaimer was given and we got to it.

Warm Up: Heat Rises

DeCalf x25 ic

Squativator x10 ic

Burpees x10 oyo

Swimmer x25 ic

Merkin Waves x10 ic

Dry Docks x10 ic

The Thang: BROga

Down Dog

Up Dog


Warrior 1

Warrior 2

Warrior 3

The Thang: Gumby

Motivator from 5

Ankle openers

Down Dog calf stretches

Global Warming

Hip openers

Quad Stretch

Runner’s Stretch (with twist)

Hamstring Stretch (standing and lying down and lying down with twist)

Back stretch (lying down twist)

Poco Chesto

Chest Stretch (elbow scrapers)

Drowning (arm Circles)

Shoulder stretch

Tricep stretch

Neck rolls

Mary: Whip Nae Nae

Whip: LBC

Nae Nae: Rosalita

Watch me: flutter kicks

Stanky Leg: Gas Pumps

Break your legs: low Dolly

Bop: big boy sit ups

You: in the morning

Superman: at night

Duff: crunchy frog

Recover recover!


Thank you to everyone who put up with a rather cold workout because the Q couldn’t run. We had a few periods of warmth and some stretching to leave us rested for tomorrow and Friday. Welcome Slither to the F3 community and for giving us a WONDERFUL question to ask FNGs in the future (what is your biggest fear)!

Until next time,


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