Weather: Low 30s and calm, perfect F3 weather for January in Indiana

23 PAX posted to the hill for a Kindergarten primer

Kindergarten Cop (Q), Beater, Brickyard, Bumblebee, Cosmo, Chirp Chirp, Clancy, Cornwallis, Clubber, Dr.Porkchop, DC, Headlock, Khaki, Logger, Maize, Motorboat, Nomad, Optimus, Snaphook, State, Woolly Dutchman, Zamboni

Disclaimer Given

Warm Up

-SSH IC x 23

-Imperial Walker IC x 14

-Abe Vigodas IC x 13

-Seal Jacks IC x 17

Mosey to lower parking lot

Indian Mosey to cone 1, select rock

-Overhead Press IC x 22

-Squats with Rocks IC x 18

-Curls for the Gurls IC x 20

Prisoner Mosey to cone 2

-Alternating chicken shoulder peckers IC x 18

-Bonnie Blairs IC x 13

-Merkins IC x 15

-Copperhead Squats IC x 20

Indian Mosey back to cone 1

-Forward arm circles IC x 20

-Failure to launch IC x 14

-Backward arm circles IC x 15

-Apollo Anton IC x 13

Prisoner Mosey back to cone 2, AYG at mid way back

Mary: 3 minutes of alternating low dolly, high dolly, and and few flutter kicks set to Jackson 5 ABC/123.


January 23, 01/23, cadence day!  (I can’t wait for the run/ruck on Monday, 01/23/45). All exercises done in cadence today. Random repetitions mirror the way preschoolers count beyond 10. 

Speaking of preschool……I can’t believe how similar Qing is to teaching preschool!  Kids arriving late, talking when the teacher is talking, shoelaces needing tying, problems lining up, playing with rocks on the playground, and the whining when the teacher can’t get the music or video right!  Seriously though, I appreciate all the encouragement and support from you guys. I think it’s one of those “Godincidences” that I typically join you guys for a workout on the days I teach. You help get me centered for the day. 

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