Weather: 40, drizzle

PAX: Cornwallis, Khaki, Motorboat, Chirp Chirp, Beater, Kindergarten Cop, Tulip, Woolly Dutchman, Dr. Porkchop, Nomad (Q)

Warmup: SSH IC x20, weed pickers IC x15, imperial walkers IC x15, kick with a twist IC x20

Curls IC x20 then Zamp carry to end of lot by stairs hold for 30 seconds. Squat thrusters IC x15.

Thang: ladder workout. Top of stairs: man makers. Bottom of stairs: kettle bell swings with block. PAX started with 1 MM then shoulder carried block down that stairs to do 3 KB swings. Back up the stairs for 2 MM then back down for 6 KB swings…all the way to 10 MM and 30 KB swings.

Recover, recover.

COT: reminder for PT test next Friday and F2 Meetups for Feb. Prayers for Zamboni as he’s leading his church’s retreat this weekend.

Moleskin: despite the drizzle, weather was pretty good. Guys started peeling off layers pretty quickly as we got warmed up. Not bad for January in Indiana. Workout was simple, but definitely challenging and all PAX really came together at the end to push one another and encourage. It was an awesome morning! Thank you for pushing me to get better, men.

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