10 PAX posted for a ruck/run on this 29°F Monday. Logger gave the disclaimer and set out with the runners, and Motorboat led the ruckers to Inlow Park for some negative pull ups, back to climb the hill, and returning to the start (which we now referred to as the end).

Runners – Logger, State, Nomad

Ruckers – Motorboat, Zamboni, Khaki, Snooki, Wrigley, Clancy, Tulip

Moleskin: Zamboni wondered aloud if any PAX had ever sat in their warm car until name-o-rama because it felt so good. Khaki went through all of the reasons Nomad might miss a post before Khaki. Only time will tell which PAX will snap their perfect streak first. We got up, got after it, and got about our day.

Next up – Khaki leads us in a “Black Mamba” Beatdown tomorrow at The Hill.


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