18 PAX – 30 degrees

Cornwallis, Zamboni, DC, Snooki, State, Maize, Logger, Nomad, Kindergarten Cop, Wooly Dutchman, Dr. Porkchop, Chirp Chirp, Brickyard, Headlock, Bumblebee, Snaphook, Clancy

Warm Up 

33 SSH

24 Annie’s

8 Motivator 

5 Weed pickers 

The Thang


Parking line Sprints (sprint to first line and back, burpee, second line…) When finished find PAX that is not done and help them complete

Washing Circle (PAX circle around light pole in high plank position. PAX take turns going around circle doing a Merkin. Rinse & Repeat until last PAX is unable to hold high plank or do a merkin. When unable to complete, PAX must switch to Squat position and begin deep squats)

Mosey to BB Court

3 Shots – 3 Exercises (Bold is what happened)

Free Throw – Make // Nothing , Miss // 8 Burpees  

3 Pointer – Make // Nothing , Miss // 24 Dips on stairs 

Half Court – Make // Nothing , Miss // 41 Mountain Climbers

Mosey to Pull Up Bar 

3 Sets of 4 w/ last set having 5 = 13 which was Gianna Bryant’s age (While PAX is doing pull-ups, other PAX will be completing Big Boy situps) 



24 sec Low plank hold 

Recover, Recover


18 PAX pushed themselves this morning with a Mamba mentality. It wasn’t easy but in reality, you only get better when you’re challenged! T-CLAPS are in order after today: 1) All PAX who were able to make it to 41 Merkins in the washing circle — Maize was not thrilled with Q’s idea of a washing circle towards the end — 2) Dr. Porkchop for making the free throw to save PAX from 8 burpees 3) All PAX giving their best on the pull up bar at the end. Great work today brothers! Keep pushing yourself to get better everyday because the truth is, we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.

Khaki out

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