35ish degrees and clear…22 PAX!


There are 2 alphanumeric characters in “F3.” F is the sixth letter in the alphabet…add that to the three and you get 9. 2-9…29th of January was my first workout with F3! 29 SSH counting together.

1/29 was the date that day. 1+2+9=12 which is the number of months I’ve been part of F3…12 Bobby Hurley’s IC.


12 months with F3. If you tack a 0 on to the end you’d get 120 which is exactly how many posts I had in 2019 so…

PAX completed 120 mericans, run to pull-up bar for 5 pull-ups, 120 air squats, run to pull-up bar for 5 pull-ups, 120 LBCs, run to pull-up bar for 5 pull-ups, and 120 burpees. If PAX needed a break during one of the exercises, run to the pull-up bar for 5 pull-ups.

Last fun fact: the 480 reps we completed nearly matches the number of IPC, Block Party, and ruck posts from last year (482).

Recover, recover


Whew! That was a smoker. Not sure if that was a good idea the day before the PT test but hey…why not push ourselves? And speaking of pushing ourselves, I’ve never been part of a stronger group of men either physically or mentally. The last 12 months have been awesome and I’m blessed and proud to call you all brothers. Thank you, thank you for all you do for me and for each other.

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