Weather: 34 crisp with no wind. Beautiful start to the week

Pax: Khaki, Nomad, Logger, Clancy, Snaphook, Rock Baby, and Motorboat as Q

Disclaimer given

Rucking and running. Q told everyone the designated track around the upper and lower parking lot with 3 stations present along the route. If you started rucking then drop your weight at the first station and run to station 2. Pick up weight and move to station 3 and drop weight. Continue in alternating fashion. If you started on a jog then grab weight at first station to drop at station 2. Repeat until time is done.


Moleskin: Q did not explain well or Nomad and Logger are beasts as they just keep running and switching the weight between the two of them. Well done men. Well done to Nomad and Khaki for keeping the streak alive. Always good to start the morning with you guys. Honored to lead.

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