Warm Up


Imperial Walkers x15 IC

Toe Touches x10 IC 

The Thang

Motor City Shuffle to the Shelter w/Bear Crawl across the bridge

 Motor City Shuffle – 2 Lunges/walk (1 each leg), 1 Burpee, 5 Merkins, 5 Plank Jacks, Frog Jump

Super 21 – Merkin/BB sit up combo with some extra fun a 1 merkin/1 BB situp, 2 merkins/2 BB situps….R&R to 21 each….At reps 5 and 10 – 21 Monkey Hummers….At reps 15 and 20 – 21 SSH

Slowsy back to The Wall

Leg Blasters from 5



28F Cloudy and Dry….with a bit of snow and ice

PAX:  Cornwallis, Kitty, Cosmo (Q)

3 Pax posted for a not very creatively named, variety workout on another chilly morning.  PAX tried a few new exercises today as Q confessed to reading the F3 Exicon for guidance.  Motor City Shuffle proved an effective method of moseying that will likely show up in other workouts and 21s was more relentless than it originally sounded, but Q was pleased with the outcome.

A few out takes…..

Q protected the PAX by finding the hidden ice patch on the way to the shelter and demonstrated the art of falling gracefully…..OK NOT REALLY….Q slipped on the ice and almost busted his Clydesdale butt….PAX artfully resisted a chuckle as they asked if he was ok…..Q chooses to believe he scored a 4 out of 10 for the technical difficulty of the move.

Conwallis demonstrate is prowess by taking a self imposed mosey after finishing 21s early….Kitty hung in and did a great job finishing the effort in the time allotted.

Nice work men!

Keep getting better and keep passing it on!

Always a privilege!


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