11 PAX posted on a clear 24 degree morning.  Humdinger, Wapner, Jay-Z, Daisy, Crabby PO, Patches, Bouchér, Bubblicious, Stache, Shamu, Piper (QIC)Warmup Arm and leg stretch, Jump squat 30 sec, Run stance squat 30 sec, Swing kick 60 sec
Thang: Bataan death march with 5 burpees

 Billy Madison routine – 1 lap after finishing each exercise (Grade).  

  1. lunges x20
  2. Merkins x20
  3. Flutter kicks x40
  4. Squats x20
  5. Plank jacks x20
  6. Box jumps x 10
  7. Crunchy frog x20
  8. Mtn climber x20
  9. Dips x20
  10. Burpees x10
  11. Jump lunges x10
  12. Pull up x10

In and out x 25, 100’s, and V up roll ups x 12

Moleskin: Each exercise represented a grade Adam Sandler completed in the Movie, “Billy Madison.” Each time pax graduated to the next grade, all previous grades had to be completed. Got close, didn’t quite finish. In all, 2 plus miles were completed, and we made it to the 7th grade. Found out Jay-Z does a pretty good, Chris Farley impersonation, “You’re Correct.”

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