The Hill

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Wrigley, Snooki, Rock Baby, Logger, Quick, Maize, Knee High, Cosmo, Headlock, Motorboat, Kitty, Zamboni, Snaphook, Nomad, Wooly Dutchman, Tulip, Marshall, Khaki.


2.79 mile ruck total.

2 Stops along the way:
1) Enlow Park (playground was closed so called an audible): Circle ruck lifts x 10
2) At Plum Creek and Hazel Dell: Ranger pushups in a circle x 5. Repeato with rucks on.

Last movement YHC instructed us to stay together, 2 ranks, all the way to the cars. This did not happen, unfortunately, so we had some punishment. Overhead ruck hold while we discussed what we could’ve done better followed by 30 Mericans.

Recover Recover

-Today was all about audibles so YHC had to adjust on the fly. The original plan was squashed by the snow. It’ll be back!
-Great turnout this morning and it’s so much fun having that many guys out for a Saturday Ruck!
-Great job to all the crossing guards for keeping us safe.
-Great having Headlock out for his first Saturday ruck! Welcome brother!
-Ranger pushups are no joke, require a lot of teamwork, strength, coordination, and patience. I’ve seen many teams fail at those repeatedly, but was impressed with how well this crew did!
-Saturday Rucks are a great EH because they are easy entry and provide a chance to fellowship with the other guys.
-Keep EHing! Keep posting! Keep accelerating to be a HIM!


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