8 PAX posted on this warm winter morning. Bouche, Piper, Jay-Z, Humdinger, Shamu, Bubbilicious, Daisy, & Stache (QIC).

Warm-up included maestro lap, batwings, tempo merkins ic, arm stretching oyo, grass pickers, tempo squats ic, leg stretches oyo.

Thang: PAX partnered up. One person ran a “monster suicide” while their partner completed a series of exercises. If you completed the exercises before your partner completed the scuicide run, you got a chance to suck some air.

Hand Release Merkins x 20, Pike Push-ups x 20, Big Boys x 20, Superman x 20

Mary: Crunchy Frog x 20, Bicycles x 20 each forward & backward, V-Up Roll-Up x 10, Heels to the Heavens x 10, American Hammers x 40.

Moleskin: With The General’s glorious return to Assembly Hall during the only basketball game that matters during the year, QIC was inspired to lead a Bob Knight-esque type of workout. Given the Hoosiers incredibly lackluster performance and clear lack of effort displayed during Saturday’s ball game (and perhaps some credit should be given to the Boilermakers as they appear to be picking up steam deep into the B10 season…), we ran nothing but suicides until we couldn’t run anymore. Bob Knight’s famous locker room speech echoing in our heads. Each PAX ended up running hard for close to a total of 2 miles.

As for the PAX that aren’t PU/IU fans, caught in the middle of this petty “rivalry,” we’re sorry we’re not sorry.

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