F3 Mille Challenge vol.1

3 ambitious PAX posted in the cold, wet gloom to tackle a major challenge. We knew we would need as much time as possible for the Beatdown, so the disclaimer was short and sweet and we jumped right in.

Warm up:


Weed Pickers

Arm Circles

I swear I had another warm up of well let’s get to it

The Thang:

Today, the first Monday beatdown at Grizzly, will consist of a Mille Challenge. Mille is French for 1,000 and today’s challenge is to try and complete 1,000 reps within the given time. There will be 10 rounds of 10 reps of 10 exercises. (10 * 10 * 10 = 1000 aka huge muscles and future IronPAX victory)

Skull crushers



Chest press


8 count man makers

Goblet squats

Kettlebell swings


Calf raises



In the Morning

Low Dolly

Recover Recover


Ouch. Seriously, Wrigley hurt his back in the middle of the challenge and YHC has an extremely sore lower back as well. The irony should be noted that YHC chose to do a block workout to avoid rucking…because rucking leaves his back very sore. We got through round 7 (aka 700 total reps) and as I write this I remember Wapner’s initial challenge was on a Saturday at the Swamp where we had 60 minutes to complete 1,000 reps instead of our mere 45 minutes. Either way, we got stronger today and we look forward to continue making ourselves sore throughout the week.

Yes, there will be another attempt in the future.

Stay tuned…


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