Weather: 34 degrees, rain, slight breeze

PAX: Headlock, Motorboat, Khaki, Nomad

Thang: Ruckers set off to knock down 3 miles in the rain. All were soaked when they came back to The Hill. Lone runner (Nomad) ran around the block and through campus to get the hill portion in twice…that was terrible. 4.26 total.

T-claps to Headlock for staying after to put in some extra credit miles on his ruck. How many more? He may still be out there!

Moleskin: last night’s forecast promised miserable conditions no matter what route you decided to go, and it delivered. At least it wasn’t icy or super windy or raining even harder. So many things to be thankful for…including this group of men to keep us motivated! Have a great start to your week!

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