10 PAX Posted in calm 30 degree weather, the Q may have thought it was officially Presidents Day, at the minimum he got Lincoln’s birthday correct.. disclaimer given.

Warm up:

ABE Vigoda

Weed Pickers

Lil bABE arm circles

Finkle swings


The Thang

Ran a lap around the park, some appropriate mumble about the length of run.

Parking lot out and backs out exercise back plank

45 SSH

45 Mountain Climbers

45 LBC

25 Merkins

Mosey to BB Court

Thang #2. 1809 Lincoln’s Birthday. 1860 Elected President. 1862 Emancipation Proclamation. 1865 Assassination

18 hillbillies

09 big boys

18 crab cakes

60 prisoner squats

18 Alt Shoulder Taps

62 American Hammers

18 Chinook Squats

65 Heel Touches

& Captain Thor 1:4…..2:8…and so on


Flutter Kick Hallelujah style

Reverse Crunch

Pickle Pointers

Moleskin: Great time at my VBDQ. I consider speaking to parties of 3 or more public speaking, so I was a bit nervous, (no plans to run for office). PAX were awesome and busted it this morning. Honest Abe was one of our Greatest Presidents, honored to Q on his birthday, honored to be with you all today.

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