Valentine’s Day Lovefest

6 PAX posted to The Hill on 02/14/2020

Kindergarten Cop -Q






Weather – COLD, freeze your block cold: 3 degrees, windchill made it feel like -8. (Khaki did wear pants today)

Disclaimer given

Warm Up (loosely named since it was 3 degrees)

SSH – IC x 14

Imperial Walker – IC x 14

Karioka up and back ~20 yards

Forward arm circles – IC x 10

Backward arm circles – IC x 10


4 types of love, 4 different exercises

Slowsy to lower parking lot, partner up at first light pole

Eros – romantic, sensual, passionate love for another.

Block merkins – 112 total for each “couple”

One partner farmer carries blocks to next light pole. 

Storgay – love for family; maternal, paternal, siblings, etc

Block curls – 112 total for each “couple”

Mosey lap around light poles to warm up feet

Zamp carry to next light pole

Philia – brotherhood love, could be family but typically among united groups. 

Goblet squats – 112 total for each couple

Farmer carry (other partner) to next light pole. 

Another mosey lap for warmth

Agape – Unconditional love, as in God’s love for us. 

Overhead block presses – 122 total for each “couple”


Did I mention it was cold?  Motorboat dropped his block at the first station and it broke. Khaki wore pants today. It was that COLD.  Let me tell you about the 112 combined reps…… today is 02-14-2020. If you add up 02, 14, 20, and 20 you get 56, which happens to be my age! (Kudos to Nomad numerology). Couples work together so 56 x 2 is 112 total reps, regardless on how they get split up.

Prayers lifted up during COT for those that may be homeless during these bitter cold times and for those for which Valentine’s Day may not be filled with the happiest thoughts.  May God’s love be an example to us all on how to be better spouses, fathers, siblings, and brothers. 

Always a pleasure to get together with you brothers.

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