Three PAX met in the clear 25ºF gloom to tackle a Triple Death Star…block style. These veterans already knew the drill, so the disclaimer was brief and the anticipation built.

Warm up

Zamperini to basketball court

SSH x20 ic

Mountain climber x20 ic

Overhead clap x20 ic

Weed Pickers x15 ic

The thing

The Death Star is a brutal beatdown, a 5-pointed star with stations at each point and in the middle. The first round was brutal, doing 20 reps of the same exercise at all ten points (200 chest presses total), and the second and third rounds were “Cosmo style” – switching up the exercise when coming into the middle (50 reps of each total).

Round 1: chest press (x20)

Round 2: squats / KB swings (x10)

Round 3: bicep curls / rows (x10)

Zamperini to shelter

15 Balanced block ‘mericans (feet on bench and hands on block)

15 suspended leg block dips (feet on block and hands on bench)

10 Balanced block Newton’s cradles (feet on bench, hands on block)

Zamperini back to start


Block Toby Maguires

Block Flutter Kicks

LBCs (regular)

Recover Recover / stretch


We’re gonna feel this one tomorrow. Huge props to Chirp Chirp posting this morning, despite a calf injury – we took out the warm up mosey and walked with our blocks to accommodate. All PAX made it out alive with their backs intact – although the KB swings are always a killer. Looking forward to continuing our strength-building on Mondays following TWoC.



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