15 PAX Got up and after it on a mild 42 degree day.

Disclaimer given


Windmill x 13 IC

Overhead Claps x 13 IC

Nancy Kerrigan x 13 IC

Calf Stretch

Goof Ball x 25 IC

Mosey to wall, Wall sit- Seal Claps x 13 IC

Three Amigos (looked fun on paper) 3 PAX back/back/back air chair.. attempted to shuffle, some more successfully than others, good entertainment before the Thang

The Thang: No Mercy Mile with slight modifications

YHC set up a 1/4 track, PAX instructed to stay with partners aka 3 amigos. 4 laps= a mile. start/finish line just east of stairs. (backwards track so we could thoroughly enjoy running up stairs)

Run to turn 1, exercise until you reach turn 2, run to mid-point, single count exercise, run to turn 3, exercise until you reach turn 4, run to start/finish, single count exercise

Lap #1, lunge walk, 25 merkins, Bear Crawl, 25 Squat

Lap #2, duck walk, 25 plank jacks, Prisoner run, 25 Hillbillies

Lap #3, sideways lunge, 25 stagger merkin L, Bear crawl, 25 Imperial Walker.

Lap #4, lunge walk, 25 stagger merkin R, back pedal to turn 4, 25 Prisoner Squat


LBFC x 13 IC

American Hammer x 13 IC

Heel Touches x 13 IC

Big Boys x 13 IC


Moleskin; almost ran out of gas… oxygen levels returning to normal, thanks for all the support and encouragement today. PAX were great picking up the six, and everyone destroyed this mile (maybe a bit more than a mile). 1,100′ of lunging. 500′ of bear crawling. Make sure you aren’t running of fumes at home. A couple ways to know you’re running on empty. 1. How’s your family? Our hearts deceive ourselves, and we need others to help us see what we’re blind to. Those that know us best can help. make sure you are asking them how they think you are doing. 3. Are you growing less patient? Patience is a sign of peace. And peace is a sign of rest.  Get plenty of rest! something YHC really needs to get more consistent at. We’re getting stronger! it was an honor to Q and work with you today.

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