Weather: 13 degrees, clear, calm

PAX: Khaki, Lincoln Log, Beater, Kindergarten Cop, Tulip, Dr Porkchop, Beefsteak, Wooly, Chirp Chirp

Warmup: SSH IC x17, weed pickers IC x17, Toe touches ICx17.


Chirp Chirp “2020” – preview of my challenge! Block Mericans ICx17, Block Curls (on knees) ICx17, Block OHP (on knees) ICx17.

Partner thang! – Team farmer carry for distance into Team KB transfers x17, Zamporini carry for distance into Team KB transfers x17 (4 rounds).


Block bench press x17, add legs lifted x17, LBC ICx17.

Recover, recover 

Moleskin: It was freezing this morning, but guys showed up to continue working out in faith! This workout was setup around my first block party 1/17 (notice the reps of 17). Men continue to push each other and support one another. Greatly appreciate the support and Motivation.

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