Weather: 13 degrees, clear, calm

PAX: Wrigley, Effin, Zamboni, Mater, Cosmo, Nomad

Warmup: SSH IC x20, weed pickers IC x10, imperial walkers IC x20, kick with twist IC x11…not sure why 11 there. Mosey around the path surrounding the park…approximately 1,000 meters

Thang: with a partner, 50 burpees…PAX does 5 while the other does groiners then switch and repeat until cumulative total is 50 burpees

Change partners then 100 cumulative mericans, 10 at a time, alternating exercise is hold plank

Change partners then 200 cumulative squats, 20 at a time, alternating exercise is hold Al Gore

Change partners then 300 cumulative big boi sit-ups, 30 at a time, alternating exercise is flutter kicks

Mosey to end of parking lot, back up and around the bathrooms, back to COT

Recover, recover

Moleskin: it was a cold morning but no wind made it no big deal. We warmed up quickly on the mosey…some mumble chatter about how long the park path is. Got right to the beatdown. A little more mumble chatter about the choice of alternating exercises after doing mericans, squats, and sit-ups but that’s what made it fun. Everyone worked hard this morning! Thanks for letting me me lead, men.

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