10 pax posted on a chilly 15 degree Friday. Shamu, Boucher, Jay Z, Piper, Stache, Wapner, Daisy, Crabby Po, Bubblicious, Q Popeye

Warm up: grass pickers ic, wmh oyo, bat wing, arm stretches oyo.


1 mile Indian run

SSH 150 3 counts

10 3 count SSH, 10 Merkins. 6 set

50 Stationary walking lunges, 3 count

Big boy sit ups 50

Plank, up left hand, up right hand, then down. 10

Flutter kicks 20 ic

Pickle pounders 10 ic

Pickle pointers 15 ic

Mumble chatter was heavy during the pickle punters and pointer. We learned about cows and their hooves during our Indian run. It was a good workout to end the week. Remain firm Piper!!

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