TWoZ: Day 2

17 PAX came back for the second installment of the Zamboni apocalypse. The Q brought out Billy for introductions and the disclaimer.

Warm Up:

Mosey with variations

SSH x20

Windmill x10

Finkle Swings x10

The Thang:

4 exercises – 1 minute each – R&Rx3

Round 1:

Run down and up the hill

Bobby Hurleys

Ski abs

Seal jacks

Round 2:

Squat kicks



Jump Squat 180s

Round 3:

Jump knee tuck

Toby Maguires


Heel touches



WHAT. A. WORKOUT. 45 minutes of almost nonstop high intensity exercise – I am so proud of everyone for pushing themselves. The banter this morning was next level – Cosmo/Maize vs Khaki instigating most of it & YHC taking some heat for an 80s power hour mix that left something to be desired. PAX earned a brief respite while YHC found a better playlist and we got back to it. Great reminder of why I left the lonely gym sessions behind for mornings with F3. Tomorrow is a more creative beatdown with a WRECKscue mission at Grizzly…SYITG!



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