TWoZ: Day 3

9 PAX posted in the misty gloom for the third day of the Zamboni apocalypse…a search and rescue that might wreck them. The Q came early to set up & was eager to see if the mission would be accomplished within the given time, so we got right to it.


Warm up:

Mosey around bathrooms


Mountain Climbers

Finkle Swings

Arm Circles

The Thang:

Be the first team to collect the supplies and return to the start


  1. All exercises are cumulative (# PAX on team X # of reps = total reps)
  2. Team 1 starts with the KB and rotates to Team 2 after reading first clue
  3. One PAX has to hold Billy overhead while teammates do exercises
  4. If Team finishes exercise and next team is somewhere else, run Billy to the next team
  5. If no team finishes before alarm sounds, everyone receives Punishment 

Exercise 1: #PAX*30 burpees

First clue: What was the inspiration for this AO’s name?

Answer: Grizzly bear bridge on the playground

Exercise 2: #PAX*40 WWII sit ups

Second clue: “break up with your ex” + “shaken, not ___”

Answer: Dump+ster

Exercise 3: #PAX*50 werkins

Third clue: the place you hope to beat the Monstars (Space Jam reference)

Answer: Basketball

Exercise 4: #PAX*60 Air Squats

Fourth clue: I have no voice, yet I tell you where this park begins

Answer: BSP sign by 116th Street

Exercise 5: #PAX*70 SSH

Fifth clue: past the park, across the street, on a hill

Answer: Past the park, across the street, on the hill 

Find baby & return to the wall!

Punishment: 5 PAX*20 (aka 100) second wall sit


Gas Pumps x25 ic

Low Dolly x25 ic

Rosalita x25 ic

Recover Recover!


YHC had the hardest time planning this Q…staying up past 2400 and waking before 0500, but loving every second of it. The original plan included mental puzzles and team challenges, but that will have to wait for another day. Khaki & Nomad’s perfect attendance competition made them the prime candidates for the two team captains…and Khaki’s razzing Nomad after his team’s victory I’m sure will return to him 10X on Nomad’s next Q. The moment of truth came when Khaki decided to lead his team to the Brooks School Park sign on Brooks School Road and Team 1 decided to follow suit over exploring the area around the 116th Street sign. It was neck and neck the entire 45 minutes, with PAX returning to the start only TWO MINUTES before the timer that would have ended in a much more severe punishment for all PAX (180 cumulative man-makers). Luckily, these warriors are still able to experience the joys of soreness from all of the other beatdowns this week. Tomorrow brings a fun-filled 45-minute beatdown showcasing all of our [least] favorite exercises for Throwback Thursday. 



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