16 PAX beat the fartsack after an already grueling Zamboni apocalypse to reminisce on the “good times” – all of those beatdowns that made us Merlot or wish it was 0615 already. Billy joined us, but he was looking pretty rough. PAX offered words of encouragement as they said hello.


Warm up



Weed Pickers

Finkle Swings

The Thang

Mosey to the corner for COP #1

Squativator x10 (jump Squat/Al Gore)

Overhead claps x50 ic

Moroccan Nightclub x50 ic

Cherry Pickers x50 ic

Mosey to side wall for COP #2

Dirty Hookups x10 ic

Balls to the Wall x 30s


Mosey to fishbowl for COP #3


Australian push ups / Incline Merkins

Chin ups / decline merkins

Mosey to the hill for COP #4

BurpBack MTN (50)

Mosey to the basketball court for COP #5

Death Star

Mosey to original parking lot for COP #6

Motivator from 10

Mosey to start for COP #7


Crunchy Frog x10 ic

Bay City Scissors x10 ic

Recover x2!


Today was a big day. Cornwallis posted despite his health to celebrate his 6 year anniversary with F3. Khaki & Nomad both hit their 50th post this morning. PVC’s long-awaited return & Kitty showing us what’s up posting everyday so far, despite being <60 days since his first post. YHC thoroughly enjoyed all of the classics…when do we get the chance to do a motivator, death star, AND a burpback mountain all in one Q?! Tomorrow we will be celebrating Motorboat’s anniversary with a block party (aka Flex Friday).

Honored to be your Q,


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