Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Effin, Cosmo, DC, Snaphook

Despite still feeling the aftermath of this cold, YHC stepped in to fill the gap for a post 6 year anniversary spontaneous Q. Here is how it happened, to the best of my sick brain memory.


Warm-o-rama: (All IC, sort of)
SSH x 15
IST x 15
Imperial Squats x 15 (not really in cadence…whatever)
Kick with Twist x 15
Windmill x 15
Weedpickers x 15
Arm Pretzels x 15
Arm circles forwards and backwards
Finished with a side stretch and forward fold.

Mosey around the park on the “trail” (mostly snow and ice for 1st half)
1/2 way- 10 Merican’s and 10 LBC’s IC
Continue around the trail Mosey with skips, side shuffle, butt kickers, straight legs.
3/4 way- 15 Monkey Humpers and 15 Pickle Pounders IC
*Mosey to the playground: Audible was called by YHC to go down the big covered slide (see moleskin)
On the curb beside the playground: 15 Dips, 15 Incline Merican’s, and 15 Rocky Balboa’s all IC

Mosey back to the wall for the Exercise Board. Partner up and each person spell THE GRIZZLY
While partner 1 is doing the first letter, partner 2 does jump rope or run around the restroom and then switch. Keep doing this until both have finished the spelling exercises.

Flutter Kicks x 15 IC
Rosalita x 15 IC

Recover Recover!

-It was great having 5 guys out for Grizzly during the Zamboni Apocalypse! Thanks for coming.
-Snaphook admitted he didn’t want to lift cinderblocks today, which is also partially why I picked up the Q.
-Choosing to skip as cars were going by us was not on accident. New EH technique! Same goes for the Monkey Humpers and Pickle Pounders, all done in plain sight on Hamble Blvd.
-The playground slide, which YHC thought would bring a fun element, turned out to be a painful failure. YHC had the idea of sliding down the covered slide which would mean we wouldn’t get wet on any snow. YHC didn’t calculate the ice accumulated all over every surface of the playground which made moving through the playground sketchy. YHC also didn’t calculate that at the end of the slide there was a 2 foot section that was exposed to the elements and water collected there, and therefore ice formed. After going down the biggest slide at break neck speed, YHC kept his feet up for a landing only to be abruptly hitting the jagged ice and scraping in a fast rape like fashion across the ice patch. YHC had to check and make sure his pants weren’t ripped and that there weren’t pieces of his rear end still stuck to the ice. Needless to say, no one else went down that slide, although Effin took on a smaller slide and snow plowed a big cloud of snow the entire way down. Good form brother!
-Jump rope in sub-20 temps is not very easy
-We had a great time today and I enjoyed everyone’s company, laughs, and companionship throughout the workout!
-Keep posting! Keep EH’ing! Keep giving it away!


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