Zamboni Apocalypse – Day 6

14 PAX posted for the “Saved by the Bell” ruck

Billy Introductions


Warm up:

Squat x10ic

Merkin x10 ic

Flutter Kicks x10 ic

Burpees x10 oyo

The Thang I told the team we would do:

1 PAX carries Billy as long as they can and then sits out while the rest of the PAX do a beatdown exercise. # of reps = age of PAX that dropped Billy. Rinse and repeat until 0800.





The thang we actually did:

Maize carried Billy for 60 minutes

Ruck for 35 minutes until YHC gets antsy

Lunge walk for 30 yards

Wall sits holding ruck at 90° for 2 minutes

Stairs with warm up exercises interspersed

AMRAP pull ups while PAX hold Al Gore

Ruck back to start

Recover recover


First, Maize is a BEAST. Major T-CLAPS for never giving up Billy and showing us how hard Marines can be. Thanks to everyone who showed up this week…I know it’s a pretty big consolation when you were expecting TWoC. We have YHC and 5 others that completed every single beatdown: Kitty, Nomad, Khaki, Maize, & Motorboat. Looking forward to a killer week next week with a rested Cornwallis at the helm.

Always an honor,


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