3/4/2020 A dry 36 degree morning with 12 PAX posting – Crabby Poe, Jay-Z, Piper, Slit, Bubbalicious, Daisy, Pew Pew, Maestro, Humdinger, Shamu, Patches, & Stache (QIC). There could have been more, but QIC either has the common cold or the Caronavirus. Either way, the morning was a blur…


Meastro Lap, Small Arm Circles (F&B), Big Arm Circles (F&B), Series of Leg Stretches, Reach-arounds, Motivator from 5. Mosey to the long road.


1.1 Mile Fartlek – Interval Training, walk/jog/sprint.

Interval Breakdown: 40 Meter walk, 175 Meter jog (goal is timed mile pace), 40 Meter sprint

Repeat 5x

Mosey to the Happy Place

8 burpies for the 4th of March, 25 Meter strait leg walking lunge, 15 hand release merkins, 25 Meter leap frog squats

15 dirty hookups IC, 25 Meter straight leg walking lunge, 15 big boys, 25 Meter leap frog squats, 10 burpies of the 5th of March.

Long mosey to the Flag


25 LBC’s IC, 15 heels to the heaven’s, 50 Merican hammers


QIC missed Monday’s brutal leg workout due to illness. Monday workout looked rough on the legs, so the goal was to loosen them back up and work out the lactic acid with some interval training (QIC’s favorite “get your rear back into shape workout).

A decent amount of chatter this morning considering a lot of running. Must’ve been the warmer, dryer weather. Though a week late to the party, Piper has vowed to give up Jane for the remainder of Lent. The line is 6 days for anyone wanting to take that action. Vegas’s odds, not mine.

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