8 PAX posted on this 34 degree windy morning., Crabby PO, Stache, Shamu, Daisy, Jay-z, Popeye, Humdinger, Piper (QIC)

Maestro lap
Sprinklers IC x 15
Grass pickers IC x 25
Arm Stretch OYO
Leg Stretch OYO
Burpees x12

Mosey to playground

Murph training
5 pull-ups

10 Merkins
10 side Tri rise each arm
15 air squats
10 hanging leg lifts
10 sec hanging L sit

1 maestro lap
5 tire flips
Rinse and repeat

Mosey to flag for Mary
Flutter kicks x 25 IC
In and outs x 25
Crunchy frog x 25
V up roll ups x 12

Moleskin: Friendly competition amongst the PAX this AM. Even numbers this morning resulted in a tire flipping challenge. Team Charlie was the victor, advancing their tractor tire the farthest in the allotted time. I believe that with winning each team Charlie member has to take a Q over the next 4 workouts. Good chatter this morning, unfortunately Stache is still feeling like a big bag of bricks or sticks or something else, pretty windy this morning, hard to hear, he said it was metric, I don’t know, hope its not a virus.

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