4 PAX posted in the 50°F clear night lit by a full moon, the day after a time change and the beginning of a week that ends in Friday the 13th. YHC had no clue if we would be way over or way under on time, so we got right to it.


Warm Up:


Weed Pickers

Shoulder Pretzels


Farmer Carry to Basketball Courts

The Thang:

“Time Under Tension” builds muscles. This means that muscles should be contracted for longer periods of time. We spend 5 minutes of contracting the muscle for 7 beats and relaxing for 1 beat.

Goblet Squats

Chest Press




Overhead Press

Zamperini back home, if you drop you must stop (only allowed to be moving if block is overhead)

Recover x2


I began today’s beatdown with the caveat that I had no idea how it would end up (to which the PAX replied this sounds a lot like Cornwallis). We ended up doing just fine! This was not a high intensity, sweaty workout, but I think we will feel this one later. T-CLAPs to Wrigley for trying to EH a runner in the middle of the Beatdown. It might have helped if Britney Spears wasn’t our soundtrack, but after a few beatdowns with 80s rock, YHC was looking for a change in tunes and we listened to a 90s hits playlist. Looking forward to getting stronger again tomorrow!



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