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13 Pax posted at Grizzly. Nomad, Cosmo, Logger, Effin, Dr. Porkchop, Kitty, Wrigley, Zamboni, Cornwallis, Khaki, French lick, Fletch, Q-Snaphook

Disclaimer given.

Warm up; Windmill, Daniel Son, Nancy Kerrigan, Calf Stretch

Warm up part 2, Mosey to the stop light- then Flying Nun west a bit. Mosey to the switchback in the path, brief stop there to try out the Dancing Chilcutt. cadence wisdom gained. Mosey North with another pause to enjoy some Up Straddle Hops, Left and Right.

Thing #1 Global Warming. left and right, and left again. at pauses stay in Al Gore and perform overhead claps.

Thing #2 Over Yonder. Pax broke into groups of 3-4. some started at over (BB court) and some at yonder (across the bridge). list of 10 exercises posted at each point, brief tutorial discussion of exercises. Aye’s and head nodding so we began. do 1st exercise at your starting point, mosey over or yonder and 1st exercise. mosey back, and so on… YHC could of communicated more clearly, but it worked out and we got it all done, some Pax started with rinse and repeat until Mary called.

Over-20 Reps

LBC – American Hammer – Low Dolly – Reverse Crunch- LBC- Big Boy Sit ups- Flutter Kicks- American Hammer- Low Dolly- LBC

Yonder– 10 Reps

Merkin -Prisoner Squat – Crab Cakes – Cherkin – Plank Jacks – Sumo Squat- Catalina Wine Mixer- Mountain Climber – Chilly Jacks- Dbl Merkin Burpee.

Mary- nearly 4 minutes of AMRAP War Hammer. lots of praise and mumble chatter for this one. YHC had planned on starting with heel touches but oxygen deprivation from over yonder killed that.

COT, picture time, name-o…

Moleskin: Had a great time as always at the Grizz. Awesome having two down range Pax visit with us. YHC gained wisdom. Cosmo and I read somewhere that all the mosey we did will help the new ab I had pop out yesterday! Be present Men, that was one of my thoughts heading into this beatdown, I often think too much about the next exercise, or what is next in everyday life instead of thinking less and being present. Appreciate you all, keep EH’ing, keep getting stronger. Snaphook-mildly adhd Q.

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