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18 PAX posted at The Hill: Khaki, Zamboni, Clancy, Snaphook, Kitty, PVC, Beefsteak, Bumblebee, Optimus, Beater, Kindergarten Cop, Motorboat, Snooki, State, Maize, Nomad, Cornwallis, VQ-Woolly Dutchman

Disclaimer given. (barely)

Warm up: Weed pickers, SSH, Arm circles

Break into 4 teams. Mosey to south softball diamond. Instructions on the way.

The Thang: Dirty Thirty

Each team starts at a different base, and completes 30 reps of the given exercise, on the infield dirt. A pinch runner for each team (1st, 2nd, home plate) runs to outfield flag pole and back, while a pinch runner for 3rd base completes 10 reps of Dirty Man Makers with Bubba (YHC’s ruck). As PAX finish the exercises and running, hold plank until given orders to move to the next base as a team. Method of transportation between bases was varied. Rinse and repeat (PAX somehow figured this out on their own).

Exercises: 1st base- Diamond David Lee Roth Burpees, 2nd base-LBC’s, 3rd base- Hand release merkins, Home plate- jump squats. Hold plank when finished.

Methods of transportation: Bear crawl, ‘Dirty’ Woolly Worm (low plank, knees to chest, knees down, low plank), Dirty Harry, Lunge walk, Alabama ass kickers (bear crawl with backwards leg kicks), Butt kickers – eat dirt – butt kickers – eat dirt…, and finished back up with the ‘Dirty’ Woolly Worm

Mosey back to parking lot, and continue LBC’s, hold plank for last minute. Recover recover.

Thanks for all the support on my VQ! Was definitely on a VQ high, so hoping PAX felt pain. Q heard a lot of great mumblechatter as expected, and saw some awesome leadership and communication among teams. Who knew there would be so many ‘woolly’, ‘dirty’, ‘diamond’, and ‘Roth’ exercises on the F3 list. Honored to be able to lead such a dedicated group of men. Woolly.

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