3/ Friday the 13th/2020


Pax: Cornwallis and Zamboni

Wasn’t sure who would show up so I just planned to run and explore the neighborhood adjacent to BSP. Zamboni showed up so I changed it up and decided to run with popcorn leg pain stations. Here is how it went.

SSH x 30 IC
IST x 10 IC
Weed picker x 10 IC

Run around the north end of BSP and loop back into the neighborhood.

1st Stop:
C: Imperial Squat Walkers x 20 IC
Z: 1 legged hops (forward, back, left, right =1) x 20 each leg (ouch!)


2nd Stop:
C: Mtn. Climbers x 50 IC
Z: Lunge walk about 100 yards


3rd Stop:
Z: De-calf-inated IC x 25 x 3 rounds
C: Peter Parker/Parker Peters 8 count x 15

Run out 116th St. and back to BSP
C: Motivator from 10
Z: Squat Motivator x 10

C: Flutter kick x 50 IC
Z: Gas Pumps x 50 IC

Recover Recover!

– YHC arm is a little tender from giving blood so I thought a nice light run would be good.
-What happens when you put Zamboni and Cornwallis together to co-Q? Ouch happens.
-Thanks brother for coming out. Great to catch up and have an OTB F2 meetup.
-Great exercises and thanks for the push!
-Talked a lot about COVID-19 and the impacts it is having in our lives.
-We almost made physical contact during Name-o-rama when I went for the fist bump and then caught myself and pulled it back. #socialdistancing #awkwardmoment
-Thankful for F3 that until further notice, we will continue to post as much as we can and keep being leaders in our communities.



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