Weather: 38 degrees

5 Pax posted at Grizzly. Nomad, Cosmo, Kitty, Wrigley, Q-Effin

Disclaimer and some chatter about social distancing

Warmup: SSH, leg swings, arm circles

Partner Workout: Half the group overhead-carried block to the dumpster at the end of parking lot and back while other half did as many block mericans as they could…switch

Then half did same walk while other half did curls…switch

Then half farmer’s carried same distance while other half did squat thrusters…switch

Freestyle – either overhead carry or farmer walk the distance while other half did goblet squats…switch

Line up side by side is the grass to do block press throws from squat position to the woods and back 2X.

Close out with 30 LBC’s, 30 Rosalitas, and 30 low Dolly


Moleskin: Appreciate everyone coming out for my VQ! Thanks to Nomad for helping me put this first one together.

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