A comfortable 34 degrees, cloudy skies for 11 PAX

Boucher, Jay-Z, Maestro, CrabbyPO, Slit, Stache, Bubblicious, Warner, Shaun, Warner, Daisy-QIC

Warm up:

Shoulder pretzel 20IC

Reach around 15IC

Side lunges 10IC

Grass pickers 10IC

Willie Mays Hayes/ stretch tight

Top Gun:

10 minutes of rotating between 10 reps each of: Skull crushers, curls, Standing American Hammers, Kettlebell swings, squats. Each minute do 3 burpees for a total of 30.

Indian run to happy place


The 90’s

Interval exercises of 90 seconds followed by 20 second rest. All while listening to 90’s “hits.”

SSH, merkins, big boys, jump squats, dips, plank, skaters, alternating shoulder taps, box jumps, dirty hook ups, flutter kicks

Indian prison break back the way we came


Pickle pointers 20IC

2 burpees



11 PAX showed up to start the week pushing their minds and bodies- practicing safe distance of 6(ish) feet for health safety, with the exception of Stache during the reach around with Jay-Z. Lots of chatter today as our territory was invaded by cross-fitters. Discussion why they wouldn’t team up with us was first thought because they are co-Ed, but quickly realized that it was because our exercising is tougher than theirs. Many would say that was confirmed as chatter quickly turned to how long 90 seconds is during the workout. The 90’s workout was much like our teenaged years for those that were teens during the 90’s, awkward and rough as the music didn’t work right and several of the exercises seemed to go forever and the rest too short. A few salutes were made today to F3 brothers that were no shows. Memories of excessive SSH were had during 90’s when Popeye had us do over 300 a few weeks ago, and Humdinger was saluted by bringing back the Indian Prison Run. And consistency was mentioned again with the missing of Piper. Hoping none of them are sick and they are back with us on Wednesday. During the COT Stache asked for interest of starting some Tuesday/ Thursday workouts- maybe ruck runs….. met with mixed emotions, and “soft” commitments got discussion way off course. Hoping everyone is doing their part to stay safe during this chaotic time. While we hope more show up on Wednesday, we understand people taking precautions to do what is necessary. Please remember that we are called to be leaders during this time, men of strength, men of reason. Pray that we lead our families and our friends and those we come into contact with to a calm place, a place of reason, a place of kindness and compassion to others. We all need to care for each other! Until Wednesday- be safe and healthy my F3 brothers!

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