Weather: low 40s with a good breeze blowing, a bit of precipitation at the start

PAX: Kindergarten Cop -Q, Nomad, Mace, Khaki, Optimus, Logger, Snaphook

Disclaimer given

Warm: quick warmup this morning
SSH – 10 IC
Imperial Walker – 10 IC

Thang: KC O’Crapagan has scattered some of his gold and other treasures around The Hill in honor of St. Patrick. PAX were split into 2 teams and provided a map to the scattered treasure. PAX were instructed to find treasure, perform exercises noted on the treasure tag, and carry found treasure with them to next point on the map. Treasure varied in “value” and teams needed to be back at starting point with all their treasure.

Team Khaki/Nomad/Mace headed out east while Team Logger/Snaphook/Optimus/Kindergarten went west. The extra hands on the Logger team probably tipped the scales in their favor, although there might have been an inside tip or 2.

Might have to run this one back out again post-COVID. Hope everyone enjoyed a lighter workout, physically and mentally.

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