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A balmy 39 degrees this morning for the 8 PAX that posted – Boucher, Jay-Z, Bubblicious, Stache, Piper, Daisy, CrabbyPO, Slit (or Sliot)-QIC

Warm Up:

Maestro Lap

Motivator from 5

Finkle Swings 10 each leg OYO

Arm and Leg Stretches OYO

Sprinklers 15IC

Grass Pickers 10IC

Bataan March: Fall guy completes 4 burpees before catching up to the rest of the PAX.  March continued through the park until all PAX had completed 2 sets of burpees, stopping at the Happy Place

Thang:  The day after St. Paddy’s Day required a little Irish spelling lesson. Hopefully we warded off any hangovers after the holiday.  QIC decided to teach the PAX how to properly spell his name: Slit is short for SLIOTAR- the small leather ball used in the ancient Irish sport of hurling

S- San Antonio Shuffle (Lunge on each leg, Burpee w/ Plank Jack) X7, lap around the Bermuda Triangle

L- LL Cool Js (Lunge on each leg, Burpee + Jump Squat) X6, lap

I-  Incline Merkins, 5 sets of 10 with a burpee after each set, lap

O- Outlaws, 4 sets of 10 with a burpee after each set (no lap)

T- Twinkle Toes (Hold Al Gore while doing calf raises), 3 sets of 10 with a burpee after each set, Lap

A- American Hammers, 2 sets of 20, burpee after each set, Lap

R- Rocky Balboas, 1 set of 40, followed by the last burpee to get to our 36

One more triangle lap (you can thank Stache for this one, I didn’t have another lap on my winky)

1 minute low plank then mosey back to the flag for Mary

Mary: the Sliotar is no good in your hand if you don’t have a stick, so we spelled out HURL, the stick used in Hurling

H- Hundred hundreds

U- V-Up Roll-Up X10 OYO

R- Reverse Crunch X10 OYO




Heard some good chatter during the Bataan March, that is until a certain few PAX upped the pace a little. Chatter quickly turned to what would be done to them once they were caught.  All things considered this wasn’t a bad way to get a few burpees cleared off the slate.  Jay-Z used his PB commentary to request fly-bys of the shelter house for continued reconnaissance of the squatters, QIC obliged with the Triangle Laps after most of the exercises.  Not sure he was happy with the request after the 3rd or 4th lap when there was very little to no chatter, mostly groans of disapproval, especially after the last lap which was requested by Stache.  PAX were at a disagreement on if there were enough fly-bys, but I think that depended on their pace as they made the turn by the shelter house. Exercises were a good mix of legs, core, and upper body, with burpee count-down to finish out 36 for the day.  Mary was short and sweet, and met with a sigh of relief with the last recover. QIC ran out of time for spelling some of his other favorite Irish words, some of which probably should not be typed out. And now y’all are ready for Hurling Season!  Hoping for continued health for our F3 family as we navigate the unknown in the weeks to come.

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