5 Pax posted on this foggy 43 degree morning. Stache, Humdinger, Popeye, Daisy, and Piper.

Warmup: stretch what you need stretched

Thang: Herd run with 4 stops to get 38 burpees in for the day.

Moleskin: Good turnout for our off day. 4.12 miles were completed at a conversational pace. 38 burpees were completed, some were done virtually by a couple pax, still a good effort was given. Calorie burn was around 500. Recon of the shelter house resulted in some retinal burn from all the lights, pax were unaware of lights even being in the shelter house. Attendance appeared to be light for our new neighbors, less than our group. It was concluded that we are F3 ninjas, working out in the shadows, running through the gloom without any concern, or fears of the dark. Back at in tomorrow.

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