4 PAX posted on this calm 35 degree morning for some supplemental cardio (and perhaps to escape the home confinement with screaming children).

Shamu, Piper, Bubbalicious, & Stache


Maestro Lap, series of leg stretches, Mosey to the long road.


Approximate 2.5 Mile Fartlek w/ 48 burpees (daily quota) mixed in

  • 10 burpees
  • 525ish Meter fast jog
  • 140ish Meter sprint
  • 40ish Meter walk

Rinse and Repeat 5x

Half Mile cool down jog – laps around the zoo


Was a nice morning to stretch the legs with some moderate running. PAX were notably sore from Monday’s beatdown. We avoided the stairs all together to prevent any PTSD attacks that might have occured. Fartlek to break up the monotony of it all and we stuck together as a group to keep it fun.

No reconnaissance was conducted around the shelter house. PAX numbers were few and the troops were depleted. From a distance, things seemed quiet. Too quiet…..

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