F3 Baseball postponed just like start of MLB season so we changed it up a bit. 

Weather: low/mid 40s, clear

Disclaimer given (felt like I was talking to myself). Not sure if everyone heard me. 

21 total PAX posted (7 at The Hill, 14 remotely)

Kindergarten Cop       Khaki

Motorboat.                   Nomad

Pontoon-19.                 Mace

Snooki.                         Optimus

State.                            Wrigley

Beefsteak.                    Snaphook

Private.                         Clubbed



Dr Porkchop


Chirp Chirp



Warmup provided but left to PAX to execute. 


Alphanumeric chart provided with associated exercises. PAX to select favorite MLB full team name, complete accompanying exercises and repeat using numbers of their cell phone number. 


Can’t beat fun at the old ballpark. Unfortunately the fun is going to have to wait. Big baseball fan here. First MLB game for me was in 1973, Cubs vs Mets. Got to see Wille Mayes play and the Cubs win. 

Hate missing out on all the good mumble chatter that comes along. Got some passive aggressive electric mumble chatter from Zamboni, but he’s a Reds fan…..  Good to see Wrigley coming back off the IR. Noticed he dropped his Cards shirt (much like a typical Cardinals fielder dropping a ball) during Name-O-Rama. 

Maybe we will run out a “normal” F3 baseball beat down once they are playing ball again. 

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