Warm Spring morning @50 degrees with slight breeze. 5 PAX-Jay-Z, Wapner, Shamu, Stache, QIC Bubblicious

Maestro Lap
Motivator @10
Low Squat Hold x 20 IC(3 1000 count @ bottom)
Scorpion x 2 ea. side
Toe-Middle-Toe for 10 counts x2
Arms OYO
Legs OYO
4 burpees

THANG– @Happy Place

Bears and Blocks
Position block between legs then assume the bear crawl position. Drag block from feet to hands and push the block ahead. Bear crawl forward until block is between feet again. We performed this bear crawl maneuver from Point A to Point B across the parking lot for a total of 5 rounds. At Point A 5 regular burpees were performed and at Point B 5 Blockees were performed. Total Block Bear Crawl ~250 yards and 50 burpee/blockees performed. Brutal.

Highlight: Shamu Hulk smashed a cinder block like a beast. See pic. *Luckily* replacement blocks were available.

Heavy Freddies x50
Flutter Kicks IC x20
James Bond x10
Heavy Freddies x50

Moleskin: Small group this morning, but their effort was equal to a large group. Even the socially distanced Stache.  Much respect for chasing his quarantine track star dreams.

It feels great to get out and move each morning in the midst of this lock down.  Modifications are readily available to anyone not up for a smoke session or coming back from a long lay off.  Hope to see more PAX out next week for further Covid-19 conspiracy theory mumble chatter.

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