SARS-COV-2 (COVID19) restrictions in place. Several at the hill and several at home. Keep your distance.

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Weather: YHC had clear skis in the low 50s. beautiful gloom for a workout at the Canteen.

Today’s workout focuses on the mental struggles that exist in this country.  It is ok to struggle with these.  We need to get rid of the stigma attached with mental health, especially among men.  If you or someone you know is in the midst of a mental battle, please reach out.  You don’t have to do it alone (even with COVID19). We the men of F3 Indianapolis join the other men of the nation in a collective workout to help shed light on unseen struggles.

Mosey 2 minutes
SSH x 20
Arm Circles x 10 each direction
Imperial walker x 15


9% of men in the United States have daily feelings of depression or anxiety.
33% of those men mentioned above take medication because of those feelings.
25% of those men actually spoke to a mental health professional in regard to their feelings.
85 – White men aged 85 and above have the highest rate of suicide in the United States.

9 – Turkish getups (Laying on your back, use only one arm and your legs to “get up.”, can be done with our without weight)
33 – Kettlebell (cinderblock) swings or Calf raises
25 – Curls or Big Boy (WW2) Situps
85 – Flutters (with or without cinderblock held in extended bench position)

17% have a common mental disorder, e.g. depression, anxiety, phobias, etc.
43% of adults believe they have had a mental disorder at some point in life.
25% of people with eating disorders are men.
20% of people will have a diagnosable mental health condition in any given year.

17- Cleans / Flying Squirrels (Burpee done where the move from standing to pushup skips the raised push-up position. Usually done with arms and legs spread out like name of exercise.)
43 – American hammers (with or without cinderblock, with is beast mode)
25 – Merkins
20 – Flutters

20 – Veterans commit suicide daily
75% of deaths by suicide are male
32% of Americans have anxiety disorders
36% of all psychological referrals are for men.

20- Lawnmowers (squat with hand near opposite near and pull up towards the shoulder) / Diamond merkins
75- Rosa Litas
32- Clean and Press / Jump Squat
36- LBC’s

Some final stats to consider: In the US, 7% of adults have major depression, 17% have depression, 13% of youths aged 12-17 have major depression which equals 3.1 million.  6% of people have PTSD or 12 million

Rinse and Repeat until 6:10.

Grab 2 small weights (5-10lbs max).  extend arms straight out to side and hold as long as possible.  These are little weights, small things that you don’t think matter.  But given enough time, they start to hurt and wear you down.  Please don’t let the little things pull you down.  If we were in our group, then I would have everyone help everyone else.  We can do this together and we can make each other stronger. We can fight the little and big things together.

Recover Recover.

I know that a couple of Ms joined the home workouts. Strong relationships are the antidote to anxiety and depression; glad we are building during this time of isolation.

If you need help, please reach out.  My phone is always on. In case another man does not tell you this, I love you.  Thanks for pushing me and making me a better person.

YHC that is honored to know you men,

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