5 PAX made it out for a crisp 39 degrees this morning. Wapner, CrabbyPo, Stache, Boucher, and Bubblicious QIC

Maestro Lap
Windmills IC x 15
Nipple Tweekers IC x15
Weed Pullers IC x15
Shoulder Pretzels IC x15
Arm stretches OYO
Leg Stretches OYO

Mosey to Top of Stairs

Four Corners
10 Pike Ups
-Run down the stairs
20 Russian Dips
-Run to Opposite Stairs
30 Box Jumps/Step Ups
-Run Up Stairs
40 Air Squats

Rinse and Repeat x4

Running 11’s
Took the PAX for a nice yog around the park with frequent stops for Sumo Squats and Lunges.

Thunderstruck to the tune of Merkins and Planks.

Moleskin: The news of Boucher chasing his CrossFit dreams and moving on from F3 seemed like an early Christmas present, but alas, he April Fooled us and showed up on time. Solid leg burn this morning, but something was definitely missing….oh burpees how we missed you.

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